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Brigadier General Arye Tesler

Arye Tesler is a former Brigadier General in the armored corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). During his 28-year military service he progressed through positions of Battalion Commander, Brigade Commander in the 188 Brigade, Deputy Division Commander in the Golan Heights, and then Division Commander in the Northern Command.

Arye has a background in computer science and systems. He received his B.S. in electronic and computer engineering, and his M.A. in computer science. While in the IDF, Brigadier General Tesler was in charge of creating, implementing, and managing technological defense and homeland security systems. After ​his time in the IDF, Arye entered the private sector and was responsible for major complex command and control systems in excess of $200 million. He has worked closely with entities in the Persian Gulf States, Israel, and other countries around the globe. Arye is now active in the IDF reserves, where he continues to hold the rank of Brigadier General.

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