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Moshe Shoham

Moshe Shoham is a worldwide acclaimed authority in the field of robotics. He is the Head of the Robotics Lab and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Professor Shoham is also the founder of the renowned medical robotics company, Mazor Robotics – which was acquired by Medtronic for $1.7B in December, 2018. Professor Shoham’s life work in medical robotics is dedicated to developing technologies that improve patient care, and he is the inventor of the first commercially available mechanical guidance system for spine surgery, the Mazor Robotics Renaissance™ Guidance System.

Professor Shoham is the visionary and creator of the unprecedented Microbot ViRob, an Autonomous Advancing Micro Robot - less than 1 mm in diameter - which has the ability to crawl within cavities and lumens, allowing physicians to target a disease site with exquisite precision. His latest work includes a revolutionary swimming Micro Robot and the new Mazor Renaissance® Brain Surgery.

Professor Shoham holds 50 patents and more than a dozen awards, including the prestigious Thomas A. Edison Patent Award and election into the USA National Academy of Engineering.

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